I AM HERESY: interview with Nathan Gray

NATHAN GRAY (Boysetsfire – I Am Heresy frontman) talks about the music, the style, the philosophy, the viewpoints of I Am Heresy: apocalyptic black metal and hardcore with Satan’s flavour. 1. When and why…


Chuck Ragan “Till midnight” (2014 -Rude Records-)

Chuck Ragan “Till midnight” (2014 -Rude Records-) Vocals as leader of this record: “Till midnight” is about fresh, acoustic folk music flavoured of Ireland and country stuff. Traditional ballads and…


AYS “Wreck My Soul” (2014 -Acuity Music-)

AYS “Wreck My Soul” (2014 -Acuity Music-) Sharp, broken bones hardcore music, vocals in face and powerful breakdowns: this is the old school hc of Germany based band AYS. This…


Human Touch “True justice” (2014 -Acuity Music-)

Human Touch “True justice” (2014 -Acuity Music-) Hailing from Karlsruhe (Germany) Human touch play a kind of new school hardcore about unheard protest and call for justice. The music is…


The Bunny The Bear “Food chain” (2014 -Victory Records-)

The Bunny The Bear “Food chain” (2014 -Victory Records-) This is unheard electronic post hardcore/electronic core with synth stuff and sometimes poppy elements. Anyway, I’l l not consider “Food chain”…


Prong “Ruining lives” (2014 -Steamhammer/SPV-)

Prong “Ruining lives” (2014 -Steamhammer/SPV-) Thrash, industrial metal this is about NY based band Prong. The music sound is aggressive and fast, with a little flavour of hardcore punk roots….


We Are In The Crowd “Weird Kids” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)

We Are In The Crowd “Weird Kids” (2014 -Hopeless Records-) Good alternative rock – pop punk of easy listening: but personally “Weird Kids” remind me to Paramore, I guess. WAITC…


NOLI ME TANGERE “Near” (2014 -This Is Core Music-)

NOLI ME TANGERE “Near” (2014 -This Is Core Music-) Da dove diavolo sono venuti fuori questi malati di mente al nome di Noli Me Tangere? Una band così fuori di…


BURDEN IS BURNING “Make us live” (2014 -This Is Core Music-)

BURDEN IS BURNING “Make us live” (2014 -This Is Core Music-) Il metalcore non muore mai, questo sembra essere il messaggio lanciato dai piemontesi Burden Is Burning nel loro mini…


WARKNIFE “Amorphous” (2014 -Memorial Records/Andromeda-)

WARKNIFE “Amorphous” (2014 -Memorial Records/Andromeda-) Salento metal, questa potrebbe essere la giusta introduzione per i Warknife, una band che dopo anni di gavetta hanno finalmente trovato un posto al sole,…


FORGOTTEN TEARS: nuovo video playthrough

HIGH LIFE PROMOTION AGENCY è lieta di annunciare l’uscita del nuovo guitar video playthrough dei FORGOTTEN TEARS: Questa è solo la prima di una lunga serie di news che ci aspettano nei…


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