36 Crazyfists Interview

36 Crazyfists: the art of mixing together metal and hardcore at high levels in modern landscapes… Here you go! Check it out!

1) Hi guys, how are you? How is it going? What’s running new on “Collisions and Castaways”?
running new?>…well im not sure what that means, but we are happy to have the album out for all to hear, very happy with the end result of the new album…

2. What’s changed about the music over the years?
Well hopefully we are better song writers than the early years, each record has a different twist somewhat and for that im happy we haven’t repeated ourselves on any record.

3. Well, you’re pumping excellent new wave of American Heavy Metal filled with hardcore roots, awesome vocals and persistent guitars. Is this correct, in your point of view?
What’s your favorite style?

yeah id say thats a nice compliment, my favorite style is all kinds……;]

4. Which bands have really inspired and helped you guys out to write your songs?
oh we have been influenced by many bands over the years from faith no more, the Deftones, to early Metallica.

5. 16 years on the scene, wow are definitely a lot! Anyway, you’re always original, new,
genuine and strong on each upcoming album: how can you do it? Is there any secret?

Not really, we only know what we know i guess and i appreciate the cool words about our career..

6. Compliments for combine melody and hard parts with a well done formula:
did you get a lot of formal training growing up?

nope, just listened to alot of metal growing up..nothing formal about that..;]

7. Are you guys thinking about an European promotional Tour?
If so, tell us more, please. November we are coming over with DEVILDRIVER…stoked

8. What do you think about Guitar Hero? What’s for you necessary to have when you’re on tour?
I mean, something that you can’t live without…you ALL, guys.
Something funny? Guitar hero is cool, I can’t live without my Iphone, and thanks to all your readers for checking out our new album, COLLISIONS AND CASTAWAYS, Rock on..

36 Crazyfists