A Day To Remember “Common Courtesy” (October 2013 -Victory Records-)

A Day To Remember “Common Courtesy” (October 2013 -Victory Records-)
“Common Courtesy” (October 2013 -Victory Records-) is a new beginning for A Day To Remember: there’re impressive mosh metalcore parts and very fine melodic stuff inked of talent and high skills. Well, isn’t new that ADTR are also a very melodic band and this record is also about pop-punk: high quality sound and awesome versatility from this dudes. Metalcore meets pop-punk with a quite mix of styles, you’ll be stocked for the genres: amazing clean vocals are suddenly broken by aggressive guitars and ultra grantic breakdowns. This is ADTR’s style, always ready to struggle everything out and party on together: energy, fuck yeah! I like “Common Courtesy” because doesn’t become too repetitive and what’s matter: the brutal breakdowns, deep screaming vocals and mosh slaps pump up excellent, fresh, new metalcore music all time long. Take a note on some tracks ADTR’s recorded conversations, it’s pretty funny to listen that out (stories, life of the band etc.). This is a glorious return for A Day To Remember!
Vote: 10/10

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