Abandoned By Bears “The Years Ahead” (2016 – Victory Records)

Abandoned By Bears “The Years Ahead” (2016 – Victory Records)
This record is about amusing pop-punk combined with heavy metalcore flavoured of hc-beatdown: something fun of easy listening. I must admit that I’ve appreciated much more the hard side of this record; anyway the songs are pretty good as well, ABB are skilled in doing a distinctive mix of easycore with metalcore features and of course, this is the “key element” of “The Years Ahead”, from start to finish. Songs start mostly with a pop-punk base that turn on aggressive riffs and powerful vocals switching in sing along chorus: this is the impressive formula of ABB. Catchy hook and melody, angry breakdowns, superb growls and fast drumming make an album worth to check out.
Vote: 9/10

Abandoned By Bears
Victory Records