Affiance “The Campaign” (2012 -Bullet Tooth-)

Affiance “The Campaign” (2012 -Bullet Tooth-)
Amazing melodic metalcore with a huge dose of strong guitars, thrashing ride chords and potent growls alternated with harmonic sung parts: that’s all about “The Campaign” the new record from Affiance out on Bullet Tooth Records. On the style of Killswitch Engage, Emmure and similar bands, Affiance spread up 11 killing songs, very cool for headbanging with fast tempos excellent screamed voice and memorable choruses.
The guitar work (with incredible skills) have impressed me a lot: full of energy, angry, this is a molotov record with granitic breakdowns and Unexpected tempo change. Of course, the chugging style is always there, from first to last: good quality for the recording and songwriting. Well, a new metalcore brilliant release from Bullet Tooth,
buy or die!
Vote: 9/10

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