AFI announce new album, release two new songs – listen

AFI announce new album, release two new songs—listen

The time is here. AFI—after more teasing than we could handle—have released two new singles.

Listen to “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings” below, and don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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Not only that—but it was also announced that AFI will be releasing a new self-titled album in 2017, featuring the same three red tears as the album art. That album can be preordered on iTunes.

Over the past week, we went way too far down the rabbit hole with AFI’s cryptic teasing. Check out our comprehensive post of what’s went down—it’s like a page from AFI’s history book—here.

Every other day, the band livestreamed on Facebook videos of each member recording their backing tracks backwards. However when you waited long enough, they’d actually play previews of what sounded to be a new song.

The band has also added two new songs to their BLOOD playlist, with “A+” and “AB-” being the new tracks. Both songs also featured what sounds to be Davey Havok speaking backwards.

Finally, the band made a post on all their social media with the caption “The curtain rises at midnight.” Check it out below:

This is AFI’s first new music since 2013, when they released their latest and ninth studio album Burials.

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