All That Remains Interview

Walter face to face with All That Remains, new wave heavy metal from Massachusetts.
Machine Gun riffs, mosh’n melody parts surrounded by excellent screamo stuff
and devastating guttural growls as well.

1) Hi guys, introduce your band to our European and Italian readers in Fire Alive!!!
My name’s Phil, I’m the vocalist for All That Remains.

2) You’re labelled as one of the best today’s metalcore acts. How does it feel?
It’s nice to get kind words said about you so it feels good. Any time you’re said to be one of the best of anything it’s really nice.

3) Can you guys do a comparison between “The Fall Of Ideals” and “This Darkened Heart”?
What did change in your style? Did you giant leaps?
Yes, there were some real big changes. We have a new drummer and bass player so that’s the biggest change Jeanne (bass) and Shannon (drums) have helped to make this record the record we always wanted to make.

4) How did you guys decide to call it “This Darkened Heart”?
The new one is “The Fall Of Ideals” The old one is “This Darkened Heart”. So “The Fall Of Ideals” comes from the way people don’t stand firm on what they believe. It’s kinda sad in a way.

5) How it was the experience in the recording studio? If you could: would you change anything
right now? 
How it was to work together with Adam Dutkiewicz?
Adam has been a friend and stuff for years so it was very natural to work with him. We did the last record with him so we didn’t want to change a formula that worked well for us.

6) I did read on web that on 30th May you went on naval base Hancock -Sandy Hook, New Jersey-, shooting your brand new videoclip directed by Frankie Nass. has the video anything of “military”? Can you give us an anticipation?
No, it’s not millitary. It was just a location. You can get the video on our myspace site. So go check it out! haha

7) How is going on with Prosthetic Records? Do you know personally anyone of them?
Yes, we’ve been with prosthetic for a long time now and we are good friends with our label. Nice dudes and they take care of us very well.

8) Anyone of you would like to run up an independent label with awesome metalcore bands?
I don’t think so, I’m thinkin of managing bands in the future but not as of now. I’m very focused on this band.

9) How it was to play together with bands like Gwar, The Crown, Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God and Slipknot? eheh right know you’ll get the headliner….
I’m sure of this!!!

All of those bands are great people and bands to tour with. I’ve had some of the best times of my live with some of those bands.

10) How it was to play in Europe at “Sounds Of The Underground Tour”? How are European kids?
Do you wanna come back in Europe? How is going on at Ozz Fest?
I did read about some troubles with the tour bus…

The Sounds tour was cool. Lots of the shows we were playin to new audiences so hopefully we made some fans! The kids in the UK are awsome cause we have been there a few more times than the rest of Europe but European kids were cool as well. Ozzfest is goin very well and I’m pretty excited about the rest of the tour. We did have a problem with the bus and stuff but it’s all fixed now.

11) Thanks a lot for your time guys!! Good luck for everything, take care. Anything to add?
Thank you!! And check out our web site

All That Remains