All Time Law “Don’t Panic” (2012 -Hopeless Records-)

All Time Law “Don’t Panic” (2012 -Hopeless Records-)
“Don’t Panic” (2012, Hopeless Records) is the fifth All Time Law’s record so far: a standout band at all that play a good combination of pop-punk music. I’ll make it very simple, because this dudes go straight to the point with essential songwriting and original songs in the whole album. Of course, melodies and clean vocals are always there, it couldn’t be different with All Time Law, so if you’re not into this world just pass on. They make clear what is waiting from the first track: lyrically strong songs, creative refrains and excellent ballads. Energic, potent, formidable, “Don’t Panic” is a very talented work, the highlight All Time Law’s record. Sing-alongs, rock guitars and pop vibe are the perfect ingredients for this epic release; pop-punk is just more then alive! Check it out, enjoy this good stuff.
Vote: 10/10

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