Almost Failed “11:55” (2013 -Acuity Music-)

Almost Failed “11:55” (2013 -Acuity Music-)
Hailing from Linz, Austria and formed in 2010, Almost Failed are a metal hardcore band that deserve much respect: “11:55” is a super kick ass 4 songs ep filled with angry guitars, razor riffage and powerful breakdowns. The wish of protest is always in the air, you can feel it reading the lyrics and of course, from the persistent growling combined also with great chorus. They’re simple but straight to the point, exactly how this music should sound. Incisive with non stop intensity, punk energy and a huge dose of talent from each member; here you go with the next masteripece for your metal hardcore collection! Support your local scene, go Almost Failed!
Vote: 10/10

Almost Failed
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