I See These Bombs” is the first single off “IV The Underdogs”, ANDEAD‘s new record due out on 24th March via Rude Records. Four years after their last effort, the punk rock band is coming back with a new record focused on different social issues. The single “I See These Bombs“, specifically, shines a light on the tragic situation in Syria.

“An Underdog is someone born in a position of disadvantage compared to others within society,” explains singer Andrea. “Someone born or living in a country where a war is going on, besides being in this position of disadvantage, risks their life every day, often without having the possibility of letting others know about what is happening out there. Andead wishes to give Syria a voice with this new song.”

The song’s video is a mix of clips that have been published by different international press agencies, filmed on the battleground; the lyrics are an “act of protest”, to voice just how difficult it is to be aware of what is happening out there.

Music, especially punk, often has the duty to be the voice for certain situations that are uncomfortable for society; human rights are stepped upon every day in Syria, and we feel the need to let everybody know about it.”

Andrea has been a human rights activist for years and collaborates with the Italian department of Amnesty International, raising awareness for the most difficult situations on an international level, such as discrimination, the death penalty or human rights in conflict situations.
One of AI’s awareness formulas is online activism: this is part of Andead’s mission with this new track.