Anthrax “Worship Music” (2011 -Nuclear Blast-)

Anthrax “Worship Music” (2011 -Nuclear Blast-)
Well, I don’t want talk about Anthrax line-up stories, this things are never funny in my point of view, when shit between members happen, well, everything’s mostly compromised. Anyway is not the case of “Worship Music” (October 2011, Nulcear Blast Records) a very modern thrash-hard-heavy-swedish album with rough and fast guitars, precise drumming and the great flavour of the 90is. I mean, Anthrax are an institution for this genre and they will be it forever; they’ve done grandious steps today keeping their own style original but especially making sound songs still new, fresh and totally vital. A new thrash fury is born, signed also by melodic refrains and of course, a huge dose of aggression; this record is definetly a master of thrash made of superb arrangements, taking the right stuff of the early history of this genre ready for Anthrax’s way. Yep, they’re back, sharp, energetic, bringing a lot of light to thrash metal scene. Excellent album, a perfect starting for a new era that means we’ll have Anthrax with us…for a long long time! Welcome back guys, we’re waiting a European tour right now!BUY OR DIE!
Vote: 10/10

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