Anti Flag “The General Strike” (2012 – SideOneDummy Records-)

Anti Flag “The General Strike” (2012 – SideOneDummy Records-)
Anti-Flag’s 8th album is the perfect soundtrack for this troubled period.
A call for revolution, a boost of energy to make a change in our society. So, after targeted Bush with “The Terror State” in 2002 and “The Bright Lights of America” in 2006, this time Justin & C. focused on the Occupy movement. 27 minutes of punk rock & hard statements.
Tracks like “The Neoliberal Anthem” and “This is The New Sound” embody the spirit of the record, while “The Ranks Of The Masses Rising” it’s an ode to the growing awareness of the power of protest and revolution. A great return to the old school punk and a straight up punk album with a lot of passion. “No justice in a legal system backed by criminals” they sing in “Controlled opposition” . Well said!
Andrea Teskio Paoli
Vote: 8/10

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