Bayside “Cult” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)

Bayside “Cult” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)
“Cult” is a great melodic punk rock record: good alternative music with professional melodies and well done arrangements.Pure American Rock hailing from NY City, the record is filled with the typical elements of Bayside’s music: notable voice, poppy guitars and great musicians. There’s a bit of everything, starting from punk ending with heavy-rock crossing melody all time long. I would say this is fresh “new born rock” with a light sound and the flavour of summer, yes, it is, take a listen my friend. After 10 years on the scene, Bayside are getting always much more better; vocals match perfect with the music and yeah, the music match perfect with vocals. What for more? Pick this record up, now!
Vote: 8/10

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