Beartooth “Aggressive” (2016 – Red Bull Records)

Beartooth “Aggressive” (2016 – Red Bull Records)
Powerful metalcore and melodic-pop-alternative rock match quite perfect on this record: energy at full speed, heavy breakdowns, catchy refrains and memorable melodic vocals. This is Beartooth’s formula and what they can do best with tangible results. Gang vocals and groundbreaking riffs turn into ultra melodic parts sounding very cool: this is exactly what make of Beartooth a distinctive band playing a genre of their own.
Of course bands like Stick To Your Guns and A day To Remember can be considered part of the same genre, but Caleb Shomo & Co. added a little bit more than the guys already mentioned.
Punk roots, pop-punk, hardcore and metalcore couldn’t have come together more perfectly:
pick this masterpiece up, now!
Vote: 8/10

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