Beartooth “Disgusting” (2014 -Red Bull Records-)

Beartooth “Disgusting” (2014 -Red Bull Records-)
The strong groove, the rocking riffage, the persistent vocals make of this record something o pick up and listen it all time long. Quite fast music filled with excellent breakdowns combined also with memorable melodic refrains. The right mix of hard and pop-metal stuff, this is a perfect debut record that sounds definetly rough enough. Essentialy we’re talking about modern stuff: alternative rock-metal, post hardcore whatever you want to call it; Beartooth play a creative and loud “metalcore style”. Of course the influence of bands like Every Time I Die, A Day To Remember and Cancer Bats have inspired very much this dudes; anyway there’s still a touch of originality and this is enough to prove that “Disgusting” kick ass. An easy record with a strong formula of punk, rock, hardcore and metal: today’s metalcore kids will love it.
Vote: 9,5/10

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