Biohazard “Reborn In Defiance” (2012 -Nulcear Blast Records-)

Biohazard “Reborn In Defiance” (2012 -Nulcear Blast Records-)
Well, it’s really a great pleasure for me to review “Reborn In Defiance” (January 2012, Nuclear Blast Records), the new and awaited Biohazard album: they’re finally back, straight, rude, rough and heavy. This record sounds like fuckin’ hardcore from the streets, with the high flavour of new school stuff combined with the original NYHC made by Biohazard. Being a classic and modern kicking ass hardcore record, this will be an essential part for the scene, how is evolving the whole underground music right now. I’m stoked; this album is quite heavy, the original line-up of Biohazard is reunited, they’re more melodious but they don’t forget the roots: hardcore screams and gang chants. This music crashes out with the continuous heavy-groove for hitting songs, sounding very fresh, and with all the heavy-hard parts still hammering. Solid metallic chords are absolutely a triumphant return. Glory to Biohazard and a long life!
Vote: 8,5/10

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