Bleeding Through Interview

Yes, we made it…an interview with the metalcore worldwide institution Bleeding Through!
Check it out!

1. Hi guys, how’s going on? What’s different on this album compared with the previous releases?
On this record we tried to focus on all the strong points from the previous records and make sure there was a natural progression for the band. Sonically and musically first and foremost. With myself now included in the writing process I tried to add to the band the elements I felt I could offer best to the band. We feel this record is the strongest record to date for the band and is a true representation of Bleeding Through.

2. Is Bleeding Through definetly (or not) a Christian band?
What do you think about “being sXe or being Christian” playing in a band?
What’s the point of connection between metal hardcore music and Christian belief,
in your point of view?

I personally feel that some many positive points of view can be expressed through all types of music. There are a lot of bands now in the scene and that are Christian based and some portray it well and some are over the top. I feel that you are finding more in the metal or hardcore scene now in an effort to keep portraying a positive outlook in todays music.

3. How did you hang up with Roadrunner Records and why?
How was your previous experience with Trustkill Rec.?

We couldn’t be happier with Roadrunner and with Rise as well. Roadrunner was an obvious choice for us and we really feel like we apart of a good family internationally now. Great people and a strong label!

4. How long did you work on “Bleeding Through”?
How do you feel being lumped into the whole metalcore genre?

The writing and recording process for the latest album was really quick. The whole record was completed in a 3 to 4 month period of time. As far as genre goes I feel like we always stay true to what the band has always done and not catered to any time period or style. People create names and labels all on their own, we don’t involve ourselves with that thinking.

5. Have any Scandinavian bands inspired your new album? If so, tell us more, please.
Without a doubt! All of us draw our influences from a number of different countries, styles, and genres. It helps us create and work well as a group in practice and our everyday.

6. As musicians how do you feel about fans who download your music for free – instead
of buying your CD?

It is something that you have to embrace at this point in time. As long as kids come to the shows and know our music we can continue to be put all our efforts into reaching more people.

7. Talking about tattoos: what’s your favourite one and why? How many do you guys have?
hahahah we all have so many. My favorite’s are the ones I got from my friend in Japan. His name is Tokyo Hiro and he is simply an amazing person and friend.

8. Are you guys actually at the point where you can tour and make a living and pay your bills,
or when you come home are you still forced to take part-time jobs?

Yes, but some of us have jobs at home as well. Brandan is a strength and conditioning coach for major sports athletes. I teach guitar at home and Ryan paints custom motorcycle helmets. Derek has a day job as well, but I am not sure what exactly he does???? Don’t tell him I don’t know!

9. What other plans do you guys have arranged for this year?
Well, is there anything else you wanted to go over? 

We are going back to Europe to do festivals and have some states touring lined up in the fall. We will be touring our asses off on this record and loving every minute of it. Please follow our myspace and twitters for all the updates and everything Bleeding Through! Thanks, Dave

Bleeding Through