Blessthefall “To Those Left Behind” (2015 – Fearless Records)

Blessthefall “To Those Left Behind” (2015 – Fearless Records)
This record is a giant step forward for Blessthefall: they’re still fucking hard as in the past, but this time they’ve added also a very melodic mood to this record. Don’t get me wrong -as long as everything sounds good- melodies are welcome and a good feature. I enjoyed mostly the hard-stopped breakdowns corresponding perfectly with amazing growls/screamo vocals and crushing chords: in that insane mix everything falls down into pieces. This is the most aggressive side, extremely direct, rude and solid: in my point of view this is the smart move of “To Those Left Behind”. The superb, strong and perseverant groove prevails overall, and the clean ultra melodic vocals are the good alternative to make equalized songs. As a whole this is a powerful release, fluent music of easy listening; a stand out record that get along old and newcomers fans of alternative metalcore. Good stuff.
Vote: 9/10

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