Born From Pain “Dance with the devil” (2014 -BDHW/Soulfood-)

Born From Pain “Dance with the devil” (2014 -BDHW/Soulfood-)
Ultra heavy metal hardcore, this is “Dance with the devil”: peristent, fast like hell ‘till the end. No mercy, no excuses, everything’s in face at all: this band is on the scene since 1997 and “to kick hard” is their own trademark. We’re in front of a stand out record, with sharp-chugga chugga guitars and straight vocals bringing all together just pure violence. Strong impact, impressive sound, everyhting’s focused on the concept of aggression: that’s what you get from this album. It sounds like a fighting machine with breakdowns hard as nails: this is the most brutal side of hardcore music, be prepared. Here you go with an intense, true and hard work masterpiece, enjoy it at all! For fans of Hatebreed and all that good stuff.
Vote: 10/10

Born From Pain