Born Of Osiris Interview

Awesome metal, with a modern vibe, chugga chugga guitars ultra-precise added by furious singing, devastating breakdowns, strong drumming and electronic samplers!
This is the world of Born Of Osiris!

1. Hi guys! How are you? What’s going on right now?
What’s the story behind the name Born Of Osiris?

Hello! We are great, we have a week or so off at home before we head out to New England Metal Fest, so we are just relaxing for the most part. The name Born of Osiris came from a conversation between us and our record label. We needed a name to release our first album under. Ash our label owner showed us information on Osiris and the ideas and themes behind them. We thought it was a great theme and came to Born of Osiris.

2. “The Discovery” is a very technical album, I mean, about riffs, breakdowns…sounding
very very precise, like a “mathematical product” in my point of view, compliments.
What do you think about this?

Well thank you. I think its the product of all of us coming together and putting out our best work yet. We really took every aspect of our band to the next level with this one, and we hope it shows.

3. What does represent for you the cover artwork? Who does the graphic work usually?
How much is important for you guys to have nice graphics on cds and merchandising?
I’m a graphic designer can I do any stuff for you? 🙂

Cameron Grey did our artwork, he’s from Australia. We have been a fan of his work for a long time and were so happy to have him agree to work with us. The image he created is a visual representation of a discovery. We love how it turned out.

4. What are the topics of the album? Are you satisfied about the whole work?
There are many topics throughout the album. There is a theme of discovery throughout whether the song is about the future and technology, religious beliefs, or just taking your life into your own hands. I don’t write the lyrics, so it’s hard for me to say, I only collect this information as I hear it from Ronnie and Joe, who write the lyrics.

5. You like to work with stuff in contrast and a continue change of rhythm, aren’t you?
But yeah, on this record, this concept is fucking awesome.

Not a hundred percent sure of the question, but we do like a contrast of heavy and melodic. We love heavy music and we love melodic music. All induce a feeling or emotion inside you, all equally important.

6. I found on this record elements of Meshuggah, the early Machine Head and Fear Factory, combined all together with a ultra-modern point of view: you taken old stuff making sound it in the future, wow, it is such a complicated work, aren’t you?
Don’t know what you are asking 🙁 We do like Meshuggah, and while we don’t consider them a direct influence, what they’ve done has mad an impact on all of modern metal, including ours.

7. How do you compose your music? Guitars, vocals, drums, samplers, what is for first?
Well for the bulk skeleton of a song, a few of us compose on our own. Whether it’s myself our our drummer or other guitar player, we like to build songs on our own. Then we bring them to the band and build on it from there. Vocals come last though, not that they are lesser in importance but because we like to have our songs finished musically first.

8. What are your plans about tours in 2011 especially for Europe? Do you see any difference between the european and american public? What is your favourite European city?
We are coming out in a month or so with The Faceless and Veil of Maya. We are so excited about this. While I’m not going to compare Europeans to Americans, I can say we love touring Europe because of how great the people are and appreciative they are of good music. They are sincere and always friendly. I don’t know if we have a favorite city, the entire experience is always fun.

9. Anyone of you is getting tattooed soon? How many tattoos do you guys have?
Well most of us have a lot of tattoos, and we are always getting tattooed when we have the chance, on or off tour.

10. It was amazing in Bologna –ITALY- for DARKEST HOUR concert in february 2011…do you remember that night @ Sottotetto club?
I do remember it, it was a great time.

12. Thanks a lot for your time, good luck and take care!
Thanks! You too.

Born Of Osiris