Born Of Osiris “Tomorrow We Die Alive” (2013 -Sumerian Records-)

Born Of Osiris “Tomorrow We Die Alive” (2013 -Sumerian Records-)
“Tomorrow We Die Alive” is the heaviest album of Born Of Osiris: an impressive work with “complicated” guitars and ultra care for little details. Well, a huge wall of precise tech metal combined with metal genres like death metal and metalcore and orchestral/electronic stuff with the ab(use) of keyboards. This record is fuckin’ insane, guitars are played like piano spreading up a never ending Energy and power. Minimal breakdown are at home and the influence of progressive is much more strong then their previous records; guitars as leaders, obviously, notice that BOO have no boundaries. This is for sure why they still stand definetly out of the deathcore crowd; because their thrashy riffs are like no other as long as the all-present blast beats. This atmosphere introduce ultra modern “digital-tech-metal” music that all the kids involved in this scene will love at first sight. You will not stop this listening, I warn you! Metal technology a go-go!
Vote: 10/10

Born Of Osiris
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