Boy Jumps Ship “Lovers & fighters” (2014 -Rude Records-)

Boy Jumps Ship “Lovers & fighters” (2014 -Rude Records-)
Formed in Newcastle in 2009, Boy Jumps Ship play energic rock music with punk roots and deep musicianship. Well, this is basically a melodic ep, with great songwriting, professional harmonic vocals and polished riffs. Of course the influence of bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Hellacopters and Make Do and Mend is very strong, that’s true, but you have to start somewhere, aren’t you? This is a bunch of awesome and well balanced alternative-poppy-rock music, the perfect to chill out this summer. I’m already waiting for the next BJS work, extra compliments, pick it up!
Vote: 10/10

Boy Jumps Ship
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