Bring Me The Horizon see change in audience vibe

Frontman Oli Sykes says as their music’s diversified, so has the atmosphere generated at their live shows

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes says he notices a change in how the audience reacts to their music.

He’s been steadily moving away from the growling vocals which marked the band’s early releases – and he says their direction has sparked a change in their fans.

He says: “Our crowd has changed a lot – we used to judge a good show on how many people went moshing and how big the pit was.

“But as our music’s changed, it’s now how many people are jumping up and down, how many people are singing along. We rarely have a bad show – the crowd are always so crazy, it’s always fun.”

Drummer Matt Nicholls adds: “It’s a great feeling that so many people connect with what we’re doing and the message we’re putting across. It’s always good when people come out to gigs because if they didn’t, we’d be on our arse.”

Bring Me The Horizon are currently on the UK leg of their European tour in support of fifth album That’s The Spirit. They’ll play a charity gig for Teenage Cancer Trust at London’s Royal Albert Hall on April 22. Tickets go on sale this Friday (December 4).

Bring Me The Horizon


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