Bring Me The Horizon “That’s The Spirit” (2015 – RCA/Sony Music)

Bring Me The Horizon “That’s The Spirit” (2015 – RCA/Sony Music)
I must be honest: the first listening was a truly but positive wonder; BMTH have definetly opened a new chapter and surely closed with past experiences. Everything has been left behind, at this point I think there is no going back, so here we go talking about a reborn band that is currently playing solid and strong alternative rock with a pleasant voice and intense riffs. Warm sounds to enjoy, the balance grows up slowly, instruments and vocals are perfect match: harmonic distortions, obscure/introspective mood, are the most enjoyable things of this work. What’s my opinion about this record? Well, very positive, even if I’m much more into metalcore stuff. This band is actually eclectic, they reinvented a style with high probability risk of falling, “That’s The Spirit” is a big challenge, be certain of its value and its impressive songwriting.
Old fans are warned: “That’s The Spirit” is not metalcore, no way; of course new fans are welcome: this are the new BMTH; a band that taken a strong decision, there’s a new way to walk, let’s start something new, now.
Vote: 10/10

Bring Me The Horizon
RCA/Sony Music