Callejon Interview

Walter interviews Callejon, screamo-metalcore from Duesseldorf, Germany.
Hi, this is Bernhard, I play guitar in Callejon.

1) Who are Callejon? Tell us something about your history please.
We’re nothing more than five guys playing in a band. Yet this means a
lot to us. When I was still going to school, about three or four years ago,
Stefan (Guit), Basti (Voc) and me were already friends and we had
this idea of playing live and having a band, so we just started to practice although none of us had had a band before or could play an instrument, and we had really shitty equipment. I knew Sven (Drums) and Sebbo (Bass) also from school and so within a few days we decided to be a „real“ band, haha, so we called it Callejon, that is Spanish and means „dead end street“. In 2003 we recorded a 5-track demo cd and in summer 2004 the „Chronos“ cdep, shortly after Sebbo had left the band for personal reasons. He was replaced by Frank, an old friend of us. This year My Favourite Toy Records released „Chronos“ and we did a small tour with The Smackdown from Sweden.

2) Listening your release ”Chronos” i heard a good innovation into your sound and your lyrics.
What are your impressions about this?

It’s certainly not innovative in the meaning of „Callejon redefine
hard music“ or something like that. We just try to create a sound that is
fresh and yet striking. It’s our interpretation of hardcore.
The lyrics are, like the music, very important to us. Most of our lyrics
are in german because it is just easier to express what you’re feeling in your native language.

3) I find the 5th track (instrumental track) a little intro for the 6th song “Lent”:
both are in the melodies. Why this decision?

Well, I think there is a problem about the titles and the track-numbers on „Chronos“ because the first track is an intro and we didn’t write that on the CD, so the second track is the first real song, egosozial and the instrumeantal track is the one before „Chronos“. Originally these two tracks were one song and the instrumental part was very short, but we liked it so much that we extended it and made an own track for it.

4) Your sound is a kind of emo-screamo influenced very much by metal-core sonorities.
What band did inspire you? What of your mind and heart can you put into your music?

There is no certain band we say about „we got to sound like that“.
But I think there are several kinds of music that inspired and actually
are inspiring us. Of course we listen a lot to screamo/metalcore/hardcore stuff but also to any other thing you can imagine as long as it’s good. For example italian horrormovie-soundtracks. I think our mind and even more our heart is what our music is made of. It’s the expression of all what’s on the inside, our love, our hate, our desperation and hope. Everything around us is inspiration in a certain way.

5) There are many European good amazing bands ready for kick ass around.
What do you think about the European underground scene?

Well honestly spoken I don’t know that much about the european
underground scene but I think it’s quite obvious that there are a lot of
metal-influenced hardcore bands. That is also the case in germany, and
you can see that this kind of music is not so much underground any
more (which isn’t necessarily negative). In contrast to that in
Duesseldorf, our home-city, there is no scene at all and you won’t find
many hardcore-related bands or concerts.

6) Are you satisfied about your gigs and promotion?
Yes, in general we are. We were planning a second tour this fall but
unfortunately we can’t play a whole tour because we are so busy with
jobs or study. We will play as many single shows as possible and next
year we’re going to record our first full-length album. We also wanna
play a longer tour next year.

7) Have you planned special concerts in the upcoming future?
Yes, we will play in Duesseldorf on 1st of september with Dog Eat Dog
and we’re quite excited about that. All dates can alos be seen on our

8) Thanks so much for the interview!!! Take care!!!
We have to thank you, see you on the road!