Cancer Bats “Dead set on living” (2012 -Hassle Records-)

Cancer Bats “Dead set on living” (2012 -Hassle Records-)
“Dead set on living” (April 2012, Hassle Records) from Cancer Bats –fourth album- is probably one of the best example of so called today’s “hardcore-punk-rock”. This Canadian dudes never disappoint, they’re always fresh, catchy, rough and chaotic enough, with the right tone and frenetic on each song. Another brilliant release I’ve to say: crunching guitars, good beats, the right touch of Every Time I Die on the way and a good old school feel. The style is kept sludgy and strong with heavy riffage and growling vocals, a classic for Cancer Bats. They’re on the line, making a step forward and a lot of progress, but, of course, without change their attitude. In my point of view Cancer Bats play still a unique kind of hardcore punk, being loyal to their own roots inked of down rock riffs, hardcore of course and noisy metal a go-go. I needed to listen “Dead set on living”, I needed to get something new and fresh from Cancer Bats…is your time now, move your ass so! New hardcore punk, overall!
Vote: 8/10

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