Following last night’s premiere on the Radio 1 Rock Show, Nottingham Pop Punks Catch Fire have released a new video for track “Sylvester”. Featuring frontman Miles Kent bound by rope to represent helplessness, interspersed with performance sequences, he reveals the song is “Very personal” and “About feeling trapped in relationships and cowering to the fear of upsetting other people. I’ve backed myself in corners far too many times, and let people walk all over me, and then punished myself for being weak. When I finally plucked up to the courage to make my own decisions and do things for myself, I began to feel myself again. It’s a cliché, but life really is too short to waste. Do right by you, every time, for the rest of your life”. The single is taken from their forthcoming sophomore EP ‘A Love That I Still Miss’, which is set for release on March 24th via Rude Records, pre-order available here. About the new album Kent discloses: “It is a collection of the most honest and heartfelt songs we’ve written”. With the title derived from track ‘Thin Ice’, Kent explains the artwork should ultimately be left open to interpretation for the most part “But essentially, the shattered flower represents an individual and their perhaps undiscovered fragility”.

“A Love That I Still Miss” artwork and track listing
1. Poise
2. Curfew (ft. Wes Thompson)
3. Sylvester
4. Lucid
5. Reality
6. Guilty As Charged
7. Thin Ice
8. Sinking

Catch Fire, completed by guitarists Tim Bell and Neal Arkley, drummer Ash Wain and bassist Joseph Ryan Askew released their debut EP The Distance I Am From You via Rude Records in early 2016, after forming from the ashes of local heroes Layby. For A Love That I Still Miss, the guys spent 3 weeks in the studio with Myroslav Borys of Jigsaw Audio, having found a good chemistry with the producer when recording December 2016’s cover of Alessia Cara’s Wild Things. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves the band comment: “This EP is the best we have to offer. It’s a product of sleepless nights and restless days, spent spilling our thoughts and ideas onto a blank canvas. We just hope people like it.” If you’re a fan of emo-tinged pop punk, with intricate guitars and driving rhythm, evoking Trash Boat and Knuckle Puck, then you’ll certainly be adding your firm tick to the ‘yes’ column.