Chuck Ragan new video

Chuck Ragan launches new video “something may catch fire”
“I felt they captured an essence of love that we’ve all have either known ourselves
or have dreamed of knowing one day”
, explains folk troubadour CHUCK RAGAN
of his stunning new video “Something May Catch Fire” which made its debut today
on and

“It’s easy to find inspiration when you’re with someone you fall in love with over
and over again throughout your lives,”
he adds.
The video for the life-long love story
behind his second single “Something May Catch Fire” featuring his all-star backing band
The Camaraderie was filmed at The Carnivale House on the foothills of Big Sky Movie
Ranch in Los Angeles, CA and produced by Dannel Escallon and Anthem Films.

Chuck Ragan and The Camaraderie will be kicking off their European tour on May 27
at Rock City Basement in Nottingham, UK. The five-week trek will circle around the
UK, Germany and Italy, concluding at The Cluny in Newcastle.

Chuck Ragan