Chuck Ragan “Till midnight” (2014 -Rude Records-)

Chuck Ragan “Till midnight” (2014 -Rude Records-)
Vocals as leader of this record: “Till midnight” is about fresh, acoustic folk music flavoured of Ireland and country stuff. Traditional ballads and the only one imprint of Chuck bring up a real masterpiece of American Music. Emotionally intense, “Till midnight” is a mature work, probably the best album ever from Chuck Ragan solo project. They play very loud, this is the perfect combination of “rock meets punk” in the most natural way; brilliant ballads, great guitars, violins and at last the gruff, excellent vocals. I don’t know why but this songs make me think about American Country, earth, dust, sun and smoky elements. Everything’s kept simple, but very successful with impressive songwriting and high quality instrumentation. Energy, emotion, sing along and endless passion: pick this masterpiece up, go on Chuck! Compliments!
Vote: 10/10

Chuck Ragan
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