Circa Survive have shared their intense new song “Premonition of the Hex” and it’s accompanying music video. The track comes from band’s upcoming sixth full length “The Amulet“, due out September 22nd from Hopeless Records. You can listen the track on spotify HERE.

The brooding new song twists and turns in the unique ways that only a Circa Survive track can, while Anthony Green‘s distinct vocals rise and fall around his brooding words. For the “Premonition of the Hex” music video, director Josh Call took Green’s cryptically intriguing lyrics and helped develop them into an unsettling and powerful cinematic visual.

Green commented on the process saying “Josh, his team and I wanted to present something that was bold and visceral as a way to showcase the dangers of fundamentalism and extremism. Breaking away from a toxic and threatening situation can feel almost impossible when the insanity is dressed up as normal or socially acceptable. We are so thankful for Josh and his team for working so hard to capture this feeling“.

The “Premonition of the Hex” video is a potent example of The Amulet’s themes, which are aninextricable combination of the personal and political. The album often touches on the idea ofseeking comfort in unhealthy places and the desperate need to seek the truth even when it’s challenging. Green applies this sentiment to our intimate private lives just as easily asto the current uneasy zeitgeist, capturing the sense of fear and discontent that permeates our current social climate.

Circa Survive
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