Coldrain “Vena” (2015 – Hopeless Records)

Coldrain “Vena” (2015 – Hopeless Records)
Hailing from Nagoya – Japan, Coldrain play a kind of catchy alternative rock/metal with a perfect match between hard and soft parts. Screaming vocals and heavy metalcore breakdowns turn into melodic and polished components; this is a common feature of “Vena”, though Coldrain aren’t an heavy band at all. They sound anyway overpowering and light, but the music is basically melodic, or better: they’re “masters of melody” with distinctive key features that make of “Vena” an original record. In my point of view vocals are the “actual leader” choosing the mood of any song supported of course by strong, creative guitars, superb drums and bass lines.
An ultra-professional release with an excellent performance, pick it up, it’s worth.
Vote: 10/10

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