Comeback Kid “Die knowing” (2014 -Victory Records-)

Comeback Kid “Die knowing” (2014 -Victory Records-)
Of course, fast hardcore punk with heavy breakdowns and superb harsh vocals: this is “Die knowing” at all. The music is straight to the point and lyrics have a political theme; take it seriously, because this is record will blow you away. The old school influence is always there as long as the aggressive attitude: force, energy, rough hardcore in face for a speed up record. “Die knowing” is an improvement of the band itself, they’ve combined old school elements with new school hc and today’s underground trends. What you get then? A record that incorporates everything from devastating breakdowns to hardcore intensity, punk energy and strong attitude. What the hell, Comeback Kid have updated the scene at all, move your ass and pick this masteripece up!
Vote: 10/10

Comeback Kid
Victory Records

Comeback Kid_Die knowing