Confession “Life and death” (2014 – Lifeforce Records)

Confession “Life and death” (2014 – Lifeforce Records)
“Life and death” illustrates exactly the circle of life and death: birth, then life ending with death. That’s an hard concept, but that’s the truth, for everybody: you know, death is the only certainty in life, you must accept it, if you like it or not. Well, I think the violence and the aggression of this work are about this concept. Tough breakdowns, killing chords and poweful screaming vocals are the strong starting point of the whole record. Heavy music, epic moments and hard hitting attitude, this is the philosophy of Confession, always straight to the point. Solid and intense tracks inked of pure anger and the most hard mosh ever. So fucking brutal with the nice touch of some keyboards in: the wall of death starts here, you’re warned underdogs!
Vote: 10/10

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