Crosses “†††” (2014 -Sumerian Records-)

Crosses “†††” (2014 -Sumerian Records-)
Crosses are a side project from Chino Moreno (Deftones frontman) together with Shaun Lopez (Far guitarist) and Chuck Doom. Well, this is electro music at all, from first to last track: poppy music, with Chino’s clean vocals based on cool samplers. Nothing less, nothing more. Taking this record as it is, it doesn’t sound so bad, anyway it seems to listen out something like Massive Attack, Depeche Mode…whatever. Yes, it sounds very very alternative, because it’s pure alternative: impressive keyboards, loops, emotional vocals, warm vibe and slow tempos. That’s just a good trip at all, pick it up, if you’re curious what’s doing Chino Moreno right now; also if you’re a fan of Deftones.
Vote: 7/10

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