Darkest Hour “Darkest hour” (2014 – Sumerian Records)

Darkest Hour “Darkest hour” (2014 – Sumerian Records)
“Darkest Hour” is the eighth release from Darkest Hour and of course an heavy metal masterpiece inked of new wave of metal and metalcore elements. The clean singing is something majestic, original and well performed as long as the consistent growling. There’s a lot of aggression too, of course: thrash guitars fast as hell, superb harmonic riffs, melodic emotions and their unique sound. Emotional and aggressive are the perfect words to describe this record at all: there’s much violence in the sound as long as slow/melodic parts. This is definetly good stuff of “metal art”, stands out and kick ass, great modern death/thrash, dynamic and passionate.
Vote: 10/10

Darkest Hour
Sumerian Records