San Antonio metal heavyweights DARKNESS DIVIDED have released “Back Breaker,” the second video from their self-titled sophomore album, to be released April 22, 2016

Watch “Back Breaker” at New Noise.

“’Back Breaker’ is the most challenging song to play on the new album,”

confesses bassist Joe Mora.

“It showcases several of our sounds in that it is fast and high energy, but also melodic and powerful.”

Guitarist Sebastian Elizondo claims the track is

“Influenced by bands and guitar players that inspired me to pick up my instrument. This song feels like a throwback as well as something new to take in.”


“It really showcases all of us with the guitar solos, bass solos, technical drumming and some of my favorite vocals,”

promises vocalist Gerard Mora.

“I really feel like this song stands out from anything we’ve written.”

The band premiered the first single “Misery” in February, and gave fans an inside look into Darkness Divided
with a track-by-track commentary on the forthcoming album.

The vocalist continues,

“This new album itself is split up into three parts – innocence, contradiction and reaffirmation. As I wrote the lyrics to this record, I had the image of a house built of the ideas that others have built for you. As you grow from innocence and leave your innocence, your walls of the home begin to collapse.”

Darkness Divided
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