Dead Icons “Condemned” (2012 -Bullet Tooth Records-)

Dead Icons “Condemned” (2012 -Bullet Tooth Records-)
Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Dead Icons are that typical metalcore band so tough and fine with heavy metallic guitars, screaming-growling style in face and hardcore adrenaline a go-go. Terror, First Blood, Length of Time, Morning Again and Strife inspired a lot “Condemned” (January 2012, Bullet Tooth Records) keeping also metalcore roots of the early 90’s alive, in fact this awesome record inked of energy contains a cohesive songwriting on each track spreading up the main rule: kick ass from start to end. Each song you listen or pick up goes on line this, like a machine gun, aggressive and violent, with hitting breakdowns, solid music, that’s why the reason I enjoy this record so much. This is Ded Icons first full length and it sounds like an hammer, very straight to the point, totally important in this kind of scene. You’re getting warned about the violence that this record will bring: Dead Icons is a band that stand definetly out, they’re on the right way and of course on the right label, Bullet Tooth, that brought again a new pearl in metalcore landscapes. Formidable record!
Vote: 10/10

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