Death Ray Vision “Get Lost Or Get Dead” (2013 -Bullet Tooth-)

Death Ray Vision “Get Lost Or Get Dead” (2013 -Bullet Tooth-)
Featured by current members of Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and ex members of Overcast and Cannae this dudes are up with the mega-project Death Ray Vision. “Get Lost Or Get Dead” (2013, Bullet Tooth) is a good mixture of strong metal hardcore and aggressive stuff, nothing more, nothing less. It’s incredible how much energy spread up this band: rough and fast, chugga chugga riffs, fast drums for 5 speed full songs. Breakdowns and mosh are the key words bringing solid and creative sound; killer brutal tunes, you’re warned guys. Fine stuff, pick it up, now!
Vote: 7,5/10

Death Ray Vision
Bullet Tooth