Desolated “The End” (2016 – BDHW/ Soulfood)

Desolated “The End” (2016 – BDHW/ Soulfood)
Hailing from Southampton, UK, Desolated must be considered as one of the best beatdown hardcore bands around Europe. “The End” comes out as a masterpiece of this genre: thick sharp guitars in low tones, harsh vocals of protest, ultra precise drums and bass lines lead the whole record from start to finish. A sense of violence is always running out with persistent gang vocals screaming thirst of vengeance.
The intent of hitting the crowd is very high, because the music itself is evil and hard to the bones spreading arsonist breakdowns: Desolated have a tough, relentless style of their own. Wicked, sinful and black-hearted, “The End” is filled with massive metallic hardcore stuff with the classic style of beatdown. Well done guys, compliments.
Vote: 9/10