Destinity “Resolve In Crimson” (2012 -Lifeforce Records-)

Destinity “Resolve In Crimson” (2012 -Lifeforce Records-)
For all metalcore lovers, today we are talking about a tremendous band.
If you thought this genre was too “played”, this album will make you change your mind!
Strong album, strong sounds. From the first to last track, you can’t help shaking your head like a true headbanger. Tracks are very well composed, they have fast rhythms which always go with the same chords. But this band has several strong points:
-drums are strong and forceful
-the singer passes from scream to growl very easily and he is not boring at all
-unpredictable guitars
The 9 tracks of “Resolve in Crimson” are a meeting between quick riffs, solos and melodic parts which resemble Miss MayI! Destinity is a French band who always uses very racy guitar arrangements; melodies often accompany each song in a different way. The strong growl of the frontman often mingles with a melodic voice, during melodic refrains. We are talking about a very expert band who will make you get into a genre which is almost dead by now. They will be able to do it thanks to this album, “Resolve in Crimson”.
Last (personal) annotation: track #4 (Reap My Scars) is wonderful and I’m sure it will be the favourite of metalcore lovers.
Nicola Silimbani
Vote: 8/10

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