Edguy “Age Of The Joker” (2011 -Nuclear Blast Records-)

Edguy “Age Of The Joker” (2011 -Nuclear Blast Records-)
Playing heavy metal is a serious thing, even for a funny guy like Tobias Sammet. Take as example his Edguy thing. Been around for fourteen years, Edguy have released a series of masterpieces, a list of great records where the 1999s Theater Of Salvation certainly stands out as the best of the pack. And now that the Avantasia trilogy is temporarily on hiatus, it’s time again for some Edguy music. Mixing carefully a little bit of power metal, hard rock and symphonic music together, Edguy are again with us, after three years from the much discussed Tinnitus Sanctus, with a record that won’t disappoint the fans.
Age Of The Joker, their ninth album, is a sort of digression between the genres mentioned just above. Some examples? Take the opener Robin Hood, a great anthem a la Iron Maiden embellished with a beautiful Hammond organ, then the AOR inspired Breathe and the Pandora’s box blues. The melody is prevalent, the vocals are perfect and the style changes are significant (the epic metal of Behind the gates to midnight world). Maybe there’s a lack of aggression, less power metal, but that doesn’t compromise the final result. Age Of The Joker is definitely an excellent and humorous album that will amuse all the heavy metal and hard rock kids. That’s for sure.
Andrea “Teskio” Paoli
Vote: 7/10

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