Emmure “Eternal enemies” (2014 -Victory Records-)

Emmure “Eternal enemies” (2014 -Victory Records-)
The abuse of tech/precise/powerful breakdowns is something that belong to Emmure: this record sounds angry like hell, inked of rage and filled with ultra sharp chugga chugga guitars. Outstansing screaming vocals are suddenly broken on the track “Most hated”: it seems that Fred Durst is singing. Of course the vocal performance remain the most impressive element of “Eternal enemies”; because anger is always in the air. Frankie Palmeri is a very angry man, this is the key word of the whole record and then “being against” is the best lifestyle ever. When things aren’t as you wish, well, just remember of Emmure and spread up your anger at all. What you get from this release? Good, hateful metal deathcore in face: be prepared for a ultra heavy record, for many but not for all.
Vote: 7/10

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