Evergreen Terrace Interview

Walter face to face with Josh from EVERGREEN TERRACE, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida!

1. Hi guys, introduce your band to our readers, please.
Hello everyone. My name is Josh and i play guitar in the band Evergreen Terrace from Jacksonville, FL USA.

2. What changed in your music-style with “Wolfbiker”? You added much more melodic parts…
I like it, because you do it in a way that I like!
I think that this record is the definition of Evergreen Terrace. Wolfbiker is the record that we have always been trying to write. There is still the solid signature sound of Evergreen Terrace but everything is more intense. This record blends a lot of melodic punk with hardcore, metal, and even rock.

3. What bands did inspire your music? Do you all guys like the same bands?
We get inspiration from a vast variety of bands. There are a lot of bands that we all like together but at the same time there are a lot of bands that certain individuals get more inspiration from than others do.
Bands like Foo Fighters, U2, Boysetsfire, and Good Riddance are ones that we all draw huge influences from. On the other hand Craig listens to a lot more rock/pop like Jimmy Eat World, where I listen to a lot more punk rock like Propagandhi. It works well bringing different influences into writing process.

4. Do you compose your songs all together? If so, is it difficult or not?
Usually someone will bring in a riff or an idea for a song. After it is established that the rest of the guys are into it we go from there. Building off ideas is a big part of our writing. At times it is difficult, but that is the way that we have always done it so it’s normal for us.

5. You’ve memorable hardcore parts, really “Made in Evergreen Terrace”!!!
Yeah, I could always recognize your style, compliments guys.

6. How much is “Wolfbiker” selling over there?
It’s selling better than our last record, so that is always a good sign.

7. What are your favourite shoes?
The “Old Skool Vegan” Vans.

8. What do you think about sXe style? Is anyone of you sXe?
I am the only on in ET that is Straight Edge. It has worked for me for the last 10 years
so i’d say that I’m a supporter, ha.

9. Any plan for the upcoming future?
We will be hitting the road pretty hard for the rest of the year. Next Friday we leave for a US/Canada tour with Strung Out and then we head over to Europe with Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Ignite, Sworn Enemy, and Death Before Dishonor! We can’t wait!!!!

10. Thanks a lot for your time, take care.
Hahahaaha, thank you!

Evergreen Terrace