Everlast “Songs Of The Ungrateful Living” (2012 -Long Branch Records/SPV-)

Everlast “Songs Of The Ungrateful Living” (2012 -Long Branch Records/SPV-)
After his temporary farewell to the hip hop crew La Coka Nostra, ex House Of Pain main leader Everlast has decided to continue his solo career. If you’re comfortable with his music, certainly you will remember “Whitey Ford Sing The Blues”, “White Trash Beautiful” or “Love, War, and The Ghost Of Whitey Ford”. But Everlast isn’t only a rapper, he’s a complete artist, able to sing the blues, to rock and to arouse emotions with his touchy songwriting.
“Songs Of The Ungrateful Living” is an heavy step into themes like poverty, loss, regret, and level-headed reflection on life in modern America. It’s a different album from the previous ones, it’s calmer, with a more laid back approach and pulls from several seemingly unrelated musical and thematic corners of the country to poignantly highlight not only the bleak status of our nation and its inhabitants, but also the untapped potential of both.
Alt-country mixed with some hip hop beats (“My house” “I get by”), 15 songs superbly written and very well executed. Everlast new record is about real life, is about the heart of America.
Andrea Teskio Paoli
Vote: 8/10

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