Every Time I Die Interview

Walter in a funny talk with the “Big Keith”, well known as the singer of EVERY TIME I DIE….

1. Hi guys, you’re welcome in FIRE ALIVE EXTREME WEBZINE!!!
well its actually just me, keith, so theres no reason to talk so loud
2. What does the name EVERY TIME I DIE mean?
Really…I thought a lot about it….haha…btu I have no answer….
we have no idea either really. it just sounded catchy. im actually sick of the name and id like to hold a contest to see who can come up with something better for “E.T.I.D” to stand for. the winner gets 100 dollhairs
3. Let’s talk about “the big dirty”: a style’s innovation and on the
same hand a crazy stuff, created by crazy dudes for crazy people…how does it sound?
it sounds big. and dirty. its the record we were destined to make since the day this band started. people who still say hot damn! is better than this one are dummys.
4. I hear on “the big dirty” a strong influence of Earth Crisis,
especially for vocals and the guitar groove…Am I wrong?
no, you are absolutely right. we listened to alot of firestorm when writing this record. i mean, we listen to it alot anyways when we’re NOT writing but during the process it was stepped up like tenfold. we had what was called a “twostep timeout” and whenever we got writers block we would just stop, breathe, crank up “edens demise” and dance. then go right back to work
5. Is “the big dirty” just an evolution or is it a step forward for a
new chapter?
its an evolution, but i hope that it grows into something that will provide us with more opportunities to play and sell records do it for a while
6. You’ve created a real “trademark” with your sound, I could always recognize your songs!!!
you do? which ones?
7. Let’s talk a bit of your dvd “Shit Happens”: I had a lot of fun
watching it!!!Can you tell us anything about summer festivals?
depends on what youre into. i hate metal festivals. i tend to drink alot on those just to muster up the willingness to talk to people that i have nothing in common with
8. Do you like more festivals or “normal” tours?
like i said, depends on which ones. i loved warped tour above all else
9. Please name the city you wouldn’t ever play in again.
spatula city
10. eheh…and what’s about the word “shinfo”? haha…
the dvd explains it all. better than i ever could. check it out…
11. What kind of shoes do you like most?
What kind of hairstyle do you like?
i like boots. or vans. hairstyle? on me or on girls or on dudes or on those dudes that look like girls? i hate those dudes that look like girls haircuts. they’re all slick down in the front and puffed out in the back? they look like a ducks asshole.
12. Ok guys, thanks a lot for your time!
Have fun and go on straight, you’re awesome!
thanks man!

Every Time I Die