Fake Idols “s/t” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)

Fake Idols “s/t” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)
Raintime, Slowmotion Apocalypse and Jar of Bones have been the past experiences of Fake Idols members. Hard rock, metal and melody with catchy/rough vocals, solid drumming, precise riding guitar and powerful chords. High production, perfect sounds and excellent recording bring much more quality to this release; there’re also good breakdowns, anyway without being too extreme. This songs are inked of glam-metal melody from start to finish: there’sa bit of everything, I can even hear sludge blasts bastardized with something that smells of the lastest grunge music. There’s a lot of talent on this dudes, this is definetly sure, as long as the cover of “My favourite game” (The Cardigans) that sounds majestic. If you’re a fan of Blessed By A Broken Heart this band sounds perfect for your ears!
Vote: 8/10

Fake Idols
Lifeforce Records