Fallbrawl “Chaos Reigns” (2015 – BDHW)

Fallbrawl “Chaos Reigns” (2015 – BDHW)
Pure hardcore in face with heavy mosh guitars and brutal vocals: Fallbrawl from Germany go straight to the point. No compromises, aggressive style and attitude, no doubts about their strong thirst for vengeance; the music speaks for itself with 90’s style metalcore riffs, harsh growls and precise drums. Solid: this is the right word for “Chaos Reigns”, of course a very direct title that convey destruction. A devastating German spoken intro introduces what will follow after: rude songs heavy as boulders with sharp guitars in bass tones and sour, raw vocals. We’ve a static songwriting as well as often happens in this kind of hardcore, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have thick, good music; strong lines bring always something solid, isn’t it? Violent, fast and sturdy, it’s worth a listen.
Vote: 7,5/10