FJOERGYN sign to Lifeforce Records


We are proud to announce the signing of German uncompromising avantgarde metal act FJOERGYN to the Lifeforce Records roster!

Their new album is set to be released in Autum 2016.

Originally intended to be a purely orchestral solo work, FJOERGYN was founded in 2003 by musical visionary Stephan L. His approach until today (with now having a full band line-up): to combine opulent orchestral, and classical sounds with heavy guitars, and a metal aesthetic. Following this path, Stephan L. achieves oppressive, yet tremendous compositions. Due to its challenging basis, and the unconventional direction of action, the result of his creative work has to be described as epic and forward thinking.

Through the time of its existence, FJOERGYN evolved to an insider tip for listeners of epic metal looking for a different approach to varicolored, neo-classical heavy music. Under constant accusations, the band declared the human kind to parasite and tells stories of a self-fulfilling prophecy about the end of all days and the final reckoning between nature and mankind.

So far, FJOERGYN released four albums of thoughtful gloomy music with careful arrangements and exceptional moods. The Thuringians toured across Europe supporting progressive colleagues such as The Vision Bleak, and Alcest. 2016 will see the release of bands fifth full length as well as a first vinyl MLP. And of course the signing of FJOERGYN to LIFEFORCE RECORDS