ForeverAtLast “Ghosts Again” (2015 – Victory Records)

ForeverAtLast “Ghosts Again” (2015 – Victory Records)
According to drummer Jared Paris, the main topic of “Ghosts Again” is dealing with death. If you don’t mind about this perhaps you’ll get just amazing catchy alternative rock mixed with pop-punk hooks and the wonderful vocals of Brittany Paris. Going deep inside this record there’s much more to discover, thinking about that death is the only certainty in life. We’ve to deal and relate with this, we all have lost loved ones and maybe this record can help with its stories; music is universal as well bringing good vibe and messages.
“Ghosts Again” put roots in post hardcore matched with light alternative rock and pop punk; the groove will involve you from first to last track, be assured.
A clever and melodic work at all combined with a heavy alternative side; pick this masterpiece up.
Vote: 10/10

Victory Records

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