Hatebreed “The divinity of purpose” (2013 -Nuclear Blast-)

Hatebreed “The divinity of purpose” (2013 -Nuclear Blast-)
Loud, straight and bold, this is Hatebreed’s way and of “The divinity of purpose” (2013, Nuclear Blast Records): a massacre of mosh hardcore at all, burning everything’s on the way. Heavy chords, metallic guitars, straight in face vocal style, naturally a similar construction with the previous releases: but this record is heavier, you’re warned. Hatebreed are hardcore and they scream it loud on their songs; the generic distorted guitars are simply great and the “key-word” is always: “in your face” as mentioned before. Well, tons of great expectations from this record, furious as hell with a kind of traditional but fresh new school metallic hardcore ready to blow up your ass. Hatebreed are always that chugga chugga angry dudes, buy or die!
Vote: 10/10

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